What is T-Trak?

T-Trak is a newer N-scale modular standard for building portable model railroad modules that quickly connect and are easily portable. Developed by Lee FitGerald in 2000 based on miniature modules she saw in Japan. T-Trak modules are in increments of 310mm width (about 12-1/8 inches) by 8-14 inches deep. The modules sit on top of typical folding tables which make the modules quite small and portable. It is a very accessible way for people to begin the hobby of model railroading.

T-Trak is a more recent addition to the Atlantic & Pacific N-gineers Model Railroad Club. Members participating with T-Trak build and own their own modules and tables. They participate with the A&P’s larger N-Trak layout when space permits, and does other exhibits when time or space requires a more nimble layout.